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My name is Cathy Reeder, and I am the brain behind the operation of Creating Your Perfect Life. I help the people of Dallas, TX, reach their highest potentials!
I come from a long line of healers, though I wasn’t even aware of that until at a later age. I have been consciously on my spiritual journey since college, and it became a full-time endeavor when I left my corporate job. After my first psychic development meeting with several mediums, I was told that I am a healer. Since then, I have been healing my family members, close friends, and strangers. I have the ability to sense pain and energy blockages in my hands, which allows me to perform varying healing modalities.
I am a Reiki master, certified in Crystal Healing, a Pranic Healer, and Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner. My greatest training, however, came in Hawaii, when I became certified in La’au Kahea. I frequently receive messages from those who have passed on from this physical plane, and, as of 2012, I channel beings of higher energies. During every healing session, I receive messages from Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other beings of the highest light.
It is my privilege and joy to offer this unique form of healing and to see the incredible benefits and life changes it provides! Are you ready to move beyond your past and into a bright, limitless future? Inquire today to learn how! 

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