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Here at Creating Your Perfect Life, I provide energy healing in Dallas, TX. My natural healing workshops offer an alternative path to a healthier you!
All of us have seven major energy centers in our bodies, known as chakras. Each of these chakras holds a specific mental or emotional strength, and, simultaneously, each one is associated with a certain body ailment. These strong centers of activity assimilate and express life force energy. When one or more chakra is blocked, we feel imbalanced in all areas of life. My effective chakra healing, offered through various techniques, ensures that they are balanced properly and working optimally.
As an energy healer, I know that my hands-on and hands-off practices are effective forms of therapy. You do not need a traditional religious faith as a prerequisite; all of these forms of healing are non-denominational. It is imperative that you flush the negative energy, held as toxins within the body, out of the body regularly. Even after one healing session, you are bound to feel the difference!
Sometimes, people call me because they have negative energy in their homes, which often proves to be an individual or group of people who have died but not yet fully transitioned to the higher planes of the nonphysical. I will perform a house clearing to rid you of this energy. This is a very rewarding process not only for the residents but also for the deceased as well.
Energy medicine is an alternative form to greater happiness. I would love to provide you with a session consultation in case you are unsure of the type of service you would like. Every person is different, so I work individually with my clients to ensure they get the attention they need. 

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